Coaching and Energyhealing with ThetaHealing®
digital Film and Media Production

Julia Buschmann
Mentalcoach, ThetaHealing® Instructor, Independent film maker, BA Digital film making
Coaching & Healing
UNFOLD YOUR HEART - ThetaHealing® Individual Sessions & Seminars

Here you will find emotional support through coaching
with the revolutionary ThetaHealing® technique, a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy, as well as method of energy healing. Currently one of the most effective and fastest methods in the world, helping you
to re-experience yourself in all walks of life.
By training the mind, body and soul, limitations in
one’s life can be resolved. To create yourself a positive,
free and happy life. The theta brain wave is the optimal
state for our personality development. Here, the subconscious can be accessed, like in hypnosis, but in
the waking state! To free yourself from blocking and
limiting patterns and programs, as well as social conditioning to go the path of your heart …

Book ThetaHealing Individual sessions and seminars
to solve negative emotions in the depths of your energy system.

Let your lotus bloom!

Film & Media
FILMS MADE WITH LOVE - digital Film & Media Production

In the field of film and media production, you can find the right support here, if you attach importance to creativity and a sensitive and conscious handling of media for the realization of your film projects. Create something that has substance out of your project. Transfer your visions to the world with professional support. Let yourself be guided in an emphatic way through the technical aspects of film, because making films is primarily  learned craft. Through much experience with film productions, I know what is important. Special in the work of “Indigo Sun” is a great dose of passion for creativity, as well as the focus on authentic, holistic and sustainable productions to promote a conscious use of the medium film. To spread sustainable content through mindfulness.

Get in touch with me to turn the visions of your film project from the production to the shooting to the post production with attention to detail into reality.

Realize your film project!

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Film & Media


ThetaHealing: Current Seminars 2019

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REMSECK  ⁄ 27.-29. September             ♥ ThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar

HAMBURG  ⁄ 18.-20. Oktober                ThetaHealing ADVANCED DNA Seminar

Julia Buschmann