about Julia Buschmann


Always I was interessted in two realms in my life, creativity & art and the higher understanding of the world & the human awareness. I learned from my father a lot about history, philosophy & religion. When I was a child I always could ask him any question and got an answer. So I involved myself more and more in the nature of the mind and our beautiful, variegated planet and its teachings and assumptions. In school my creative talent turned out fast and so I completed my Abitur with focus on arts and ethik.

Afterwards my quest for my mission started. My first academic studies of evangelic theology brought me to the realization that I want to attent to various forms of spirituality.

Creativity as heart passion
Strong emphatics - team spirit
Technical know-how
Intuitive abilities
Creative Ambassador
Organizational Talent

So I decided to get back to art. At different art schools I learned out of all realms of fine art.
2008 I started my first academic film studies. At the beginning I learned here a lot out of grafic design and professional photography. The time was affected by many different impressions at big film sets and I gained an overview and insight view in all realms of film production. My vision was it to be a regisseur and I specialized on this realm.

2011 I switched to SAE Stuttgart to concentrate more on the technical realization of films. Here I learned to combine my creative skills and my acquired praxis at film sets together with technical know-how. I was interested more and more for the production of documentary films and started with own productions. During my insight diploma I released 2012 my company „Indigo Sun“. More and more the idea frayed me to make my interests about the world and the human awareness to my focus around film productions.

So I descided 2013 to get a visiual anthropologist and wanted to combine academic studies in Anthropology and Ägyptology with my film studies. It was my aspire to explore indigen cultures and to communicate their old wisdom to the public that brough me there. Here I learned a lot about the exploration of cultures in their view. Consequently it was about an empathic process to truely understand a culture and to see them without prejudice and social programations. (field work) Indeed I was totally fascinated of these studies, but soonly noticed that I was loosing the acquisition to filmtechnics.

So my path brought me back to SAE Stuttgart where I completed my bachelor of arts successfully.
2015 Here I learned everything to build and lead a film company.

„Because we are the creators of our reality,
regisseurs of our life film.“

2015right after my bachelor’s degree, my path lead me to the capital city. Berlin has given me many possibilities to unite my interest in spirituality and film and to engage more deeply with the process of my heart mission. In Berlin I got the opportunity to take part in various shamanic educations and to learn healing methods and methods of energy medicine. The simplest and most helpful technique for me is the ThetaHealing® technique, in which I have continued my education.

In 2018, the ThetaHealing technique opened up completely new perspectives for me. I travelled to Thailand, India and Southamerica. In September 2018 I completed in Spain the ThetaHealing instructor training courses for several seminars with the founder of the method, Vianna Stibal.

As a digital nomad, I am now traveling to you, to implement your projects in the field of film & media or to give seminars and individual sessions with the ThetaHealing technique.