About Julia Buschmann

You are the creator of your life – director of your film!

I have always been interested in two areas of life: creativity & art and a greater understanding of the world and human consciousness. I learned a lot about history, philosophy & religion from my father. From my mother, female empowerment!

I was a happy child until school, then the world began to burden me, too many injustices, rough people and dreary school desk. I was extraordinarily creative and reflected a lot on religions and consciousness. So it happened that I graduated from Abitur with a focus on art and ethics.

Then the search for my calling, my heart mission, began. Depression kept plaguing me and I longed for more joy and meaning. I was involved in social associations and wanted to discover the world through travels.

2007 I started to learn from all areas of fine arts at various art schools. 2008 then started my film studies. First I learned graphic design and professional photography. The time was characterized by many new impressions on large film sets and I gained an overview & insight into all areas of film production.

2011 I moved from Esslingen to Stuttgart to learn more about the technical implementation of films. Here I learned to combine my creative skills and my acquired practice on film sets with technical know-how. And how to create film productions from conception to post-production by myself.


I became more and more interested in the production of documentaries and started my own productions. I then opened during my intermediate diploma 2012 my company, at the beginning under the name “Blaue Sonne”. The idea of ​​making my interest in the world and human consciousness my topic for film productions attracted me more and more and I was on an intensive path of self-discovery and self-development.


After my intermediate diploma I made a short detour into ethnology & Egyptology with the idea of ​​becoming a visual anthropologist. It was my urge to explore indigenous cultures and impart old knowledge to the public that brought me here. Here I learned a lot about researching cultures from their perspective. It was therefore an empathic process to truly understand and see a culture, without prejudice and social programming.

In spring 2015 I then successfully completed my Bachelor of Arts. Here I learned everything to set up and run a film company.

Creativity as heart-passion
Strong empathy - team spirit
Technical Know-How
Intuitive abilities

2015 After my bachelor’s degree and a difficult relationship, my path led to the capital. Berlin has given me many opportunities to discover myself and to immerse myself in my interest in awareness, healing and spirituality and to combine it with making films. During this time I found myself new, worked a lot on myself and got involved in questions of meaning. I attended various shamanic educations and learned methods of energy medicine. I also supported the “Women’s marches for peace” a peace movement from Israel with film contributions.

2018 then opened up completely new perspectives for me with the ThetaHealing® technique. I traveled to Thailand, India and South America and completed the ThetaHealing teacher training in Spain in September 2018 of several seminars with the founder of the method, Vianna Stibal.

As a digital nomad, I am now traveling to you to implement your projects in the field of film, art & media and to give individual sessions and seminars to support you in encouraging self-empowerment.

I am looking forward to getting to know you from the bottom of my heart, write to me if you are interested in my work!

Julia Buschmann
Indigo Sun

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