About Julia Buschmann

You are the creator of your life – director of your film!


♦ I have always been interested in two areas of life: creativity & art and a greater understanding of the world and human consciousness. I learned a lot about history, philosophy & religion from my father. From my mother, female empowerment!

♦ 2007, after my Abitur, I started to learn from all areas of fine arts at various art schools. 2008 then started my film studies. First I learned graphic design and professional photography. The time was characterized by many new impressions on large film sets and I gained an overview & insight into all areas of film production.

♦ 2011 I moved from Esslingen to Stuttgart to learn more about the technical implementation of films. Here I learned to combine my creative skills and my acquired practice on film sets with technical know-how. And how to create film productions from conception to post-production by myself. I became more and more interested in the production of documentaries and started my own productions. I then opened during my intermediate diploma 2012 my company, at the beginning under the name “Blaue Sonne”. The idea of ​​making my interest in the world and human consciousness my topic for film productions attracted me more and more and I was on an intensive path of self-discovery and self-development.

♦ In spring 2015 I then successfully completed my Bachelor of Arts. Here I learned everything to set up and run a film company.

♦ As a digital nomad with base in Berlin, I am now traveling to you to implement your projects in the field of film, art & media. I am looking forward to getting to know you from the bottom of my heart, write to me if you are interested in my work!

Creativity as heart-passion
Strong empathy - team spirit
Technical Know-How
Intuitive abilities

Julia Buschmann
Indigo Sun

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