Films made with love

“Indigo Sun” is your professional and reliable contact in the case of “films made with love”. Because I want you to have a good feeling, I take all the time for comprehensive consulting discussions and your very individual wishes, in order to create together your personal film. I will show you new possibilities and am looking forward to an exciting cooperation. To a collaboration in which I let all the playful creativity flow in, which is the basis of my nature as much as my work. Through a lot of experience with various projects from film, I know what is important. Because film making is primarily skilled craft. Special for this company are the creative aspects that flow in the work, as well as the focus on authentic productions in the fields of holism and sustainability to promote a conscious use of media and to use the medium film to help spreading sustainable content through mindfulness.

As a medial bridge to a new world outlook!
Indigo Sun implements EVERY HEARTPROJECT.

For documentary films that arouse heart interest.

For Imagefilms that make you, your brand or your company glow in all its radiance.

For Eventfilms that desire on more.

For musik videos that visualize your song to the point creatively, madly, vividly.

For wedding videos with a lot of “Love is in the air”.

For coaching videos that present and spread you in the splendor of your holiness.

For your interview or portrait to market and publish your special ideas and projects.



To create a film you need a whole team.

That’s why „Indigo Sun“ is cooperating with different kinds of freelancers, to turn your project ideal into a film.

Depending on the extend and necessity of your wishes we will put together an individual team out of our contact network. Together with other film technicians, graphic designers, audioingeneers and more and more we will heartfully turn your film into reality.